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girl with puzzle knot

Knotty Problems We don’t Mind

Whether it’s crossword puzzles, mazes, fun with words, or other brain teasers, mini games are a great way to keep exercising your brain. So is creativity, and we’re all about that! Here at Ageless Mind Project we are developing programs and activities that foster well-being through mind engagement. Along with our current Creative Sparks music …

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Under Construction sign, we're remodeling Ageless Mind Project website!

We’re Remodeling!

We’re excited to have grown so much that we’re expanding our programs and outreach!  One of the visible signs of this is that we’re remodeling the Ageless Mind Project website.  As you can probably tell, we’re in the deconstruction phase, which means we’ve taken down the old walls and strengthened the structural beams.  Right now …

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