Welcome to the Ageless Mind Project

What is an Ageless Mind?

For us, an Ageless Mind is not a “thing” — it’s a “process, a dynamic way of being in the world. We know we are in that process when we feel alert…curious…flexible…optimistic…playful…creative…reflective… and connected.

How can you nurture an Ageless Mind? Read on to learn more about our approach to healthful aging: https://www.agelessmindproject.org/about/

An Ageless Mind is Curious

An Ageless Mind is Creative

Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds is a place for intergenerational communication. On our Substack blog, we encourage you to share your stories, questions, and concerns. Our aim is to stimulate meaningful conversations To learn more and subscribe, visit: https://agelessmindproject.substack.com/

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Music is Brain Food

Music Is Brain Food is a series of programs Dr. Joshua Berrett offers through Creative Sparks, our online learning platform. 

Josh draws on his deep expertise to help you experience many kinds of music in new ways that will delight, stimulate, and nourish your brain. Read on to learn more about Josh and Music is Brain Food: https://www.agelessmindproject.org/music-is-brain-food/

An Ageless Mind is Playful

An Ageless Mind is Reflective

New Frontiers in Wellbeing

New Frontiers in Wellbeing is an individualized program for
anyone who wants to learn how to grow an ageless mind.
You will be able to discover and develop your own personal
action plan so you can easily and naturally turn
theories into practice.

Learn more about Lynne and New Frontiers in
Wellbeing here https://www.agelessmindproject.org/creative-sparks/new-frontiers-in-wellbeing/

Creative Sparks

Creative Sparks is our Signature Online Learning Platform.

This is in development as we and our partners — who, like us are experts in their fields – create asynchronous courses for you. 

Our goal is to provide unique courses that will enhance your skills, expand your horizons, and engage your interest along and with others in your life.

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