Welcome to the Ageless Mind Project

What is an Ageless Mind?

For us, an Ageless Mind is not a “thing” — it’s a “process, a dynamic way of being in the world. We know we are in that process when we feel alert…curious…flexible…optimistic…playful…creative…reflective… and connected.

How can you nurture an Ageless Mind? Read on to learn more about our approach to healthful aging: https://www.agelessmindproject.org/about/

An Ageless Mind is Curious

An Ageless Mind is Creative

Designing an Ageless Mind

We are committed to helping community members design individualized approaches to wellbeing. We do this by bringing you experts and facilitating intergenerational conversations on our Substack blog. The topics are eclectic, wide ranging, and packed with information, thought provoking ideas, and practical tips for keeping your body, mind, and spirit ageless.

To learn more about  and how you can join the conversations, visit: https://agelessmindproject.substack.com/

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Music is Brain Food

Music Is Brain Food is an online program Dr. Joshua Berrett offers, drawing on his many years of teaching and writing about music. He will help you experience a wide range of music in new ways that will delight, stimulate, and nourish your brain. Read on to learn more about Josh and Music is Brain Food: https://www.agelessmindproject.org/music-is-brain-food/

An Ageless Mind is Playful

An Ageless Mind Loves to Explore

Exploring Wellbeing in the Metaverse

The virtual arm of the Ageless Mind Project is Whole Brain Health. It grew out of our founders’ fascination with virtual realities and how they could be used as part of a proactive and holistic approach to enhancing and even improving the cognitive functioning of people 50 years and older.

Learn more about Whole Brain Health here https://www.agelessmindproject.org/virtual-amp/

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