Virtual Learning Village is a non profit online 3D world based on the Open Simulator platform. This is a private, safe grid built on a lifelong learning model that incorporates current research about well-being and brain health. Think of Virtual Learning Village as designed like a 3D theme park dedicated to lifelong learning.

Virtual Learning Village is  a program of the Ageless Mind Project. The mission of AMP is to make people aware of the many things they can do to improve their brain health and total well-being and, as important, to offer them easy, natural ways to turn these activities into lifelong habits. Whole Brain Health in Virtual Learning Village and Second Life are AMP’s current virtual programs.

In this digital multiverse lifelong learning activities can be pursued in a 3-dimensional world anywhere at any time.  Interacting as a self-expressive avatar in a visually exciting immersive environment on the computer opens up new possibilities for the kind of brain-training that nourishes mind, body, and spirit while it strengthens transferable thinking skills.

We offer a unique, holistic form of lifelong learning built on best practices for improving brain health and increasing total well-being. Our original Whole Brain Health program began in Second Life in 2013. 
We came to Opensim in 2019 because it offers greater flexibility and freedom to create rich content in a more protected environment than Second Life.

Over the years in Second Life we learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work when bringing mature newcomers into virtual worlds. So we have spent a lot of time and thought, in our Opensim grid, on first steps for beginners with multiple learning styles and computer experience.

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