The vision of the Ageless Mind Project (AMP) is to create an intergenerational online community that explores the concept of an “ageless mind” and the many ways it can be achieved. Based on research from a variety of disciplines—positive psychology, neuroscience, gerontology, the arts, and adult education, the project offers people 50 years and older a wide range of individual and community-based activities designed to help each individual create a personalized approach to overall wellbeing.

We believe that an ageless mind can be achieved through a holistic approach to wellbeing. A key component of that holistic approach is lifelong learning. To be effective, that learning must be engaging, interactive, playful, and based on each individual’s strengths, interests, and capabilities. We know that using our minds in intentional and intelligent ways can help us stay alert, focused, and engaged in the world throughout our lives. 

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