drawing of toddler sitting next to paper maze entrance with red line drawn through correct path to a pair of boots.

Whether it’s crossword puzzles, mazes, fun with words, or other brain teasers, mini games are a great way to keep exercising your brain. So is creativity, and we’re all about that!

Here at Ageless Mind Project we are developing programs and activities that foster well-being through mind engagement. Along with our current Creative Sparks music discussions, we are planning art workshops and fun activities in our monthly newsletter. Over this coming year you will see more changes and additions to our website and invitations to more learning activities. These are designed to facilitate synaptic connections in your brain as well as neuroplasticity. Above all, we encourage a compassionate outlook and a large dose of humor!

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February’s Creative Sparks Session: A Dip into Third Stream

The Creative Sparks Program brings you Sunday workshops that promote the emotional engagement of beauty through music. Our Music is Brain Food sessions with Joshua Berrett treat Spark Members to a specific topic one Sunday per month.

This month’s discussion is on Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 4:00pm Eastern. Watch your email for a reminder, a Zoom link, and other details.

Getty image of black and white scene from 1961 West Side Story, Jets group singing the song Cool.

In this month’s session, we are going to explore further the unifying fate motif in WEST SIDE STORY and how it functions in the Jets ensemble number “Cool.” At the same time, this number illustrates Bernstein’s immersion in so-called Third Stream —a movement that gained considerable momentum in the 1950’s —a fusion of jazz and Western classical traditions. This is followed by Bernstein’s “Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs.”

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