Welcome in the New Year with a resolution to enjoy beauty!

paintbrush with blue handle and stars rising from the golden brown bristles

In the midst of sadness, anxiety, and seeming chaos are beautiful things of life. Look around you, listen closely, breathe deeply – allow yourself to perceive the beauty that exists around you.

Or close your eyes, fill your paintbrush with light and color and paint an image or melody or a scene in your mind. Give yourself permission to do this for a moment. Then take a deep breath and tell your mind and body to remember the beauty. Ask your emotions to remember the feeling.

Graphite Drawing of coffee cup with steam rising and spoon called Curve of a Line by Marty Kiser at www.kiserart.com

As we welcome in 2022, the Ageless Mind Project is developing programs that show you this and other ways to increase your perception with activities that engage your brain and help keep it healthy. Art, music, nature, even a pleasant fragrance; the positive effect on your mind and emotions can lift your spirits for hours. It only takes a few minutes. Give it a try!

music sheet of West Side Story in front of a picture of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim at a piano

The Creative Sparks Program brings you Sunday workshops that promote the emotional engagement of beauty through music. Our Music is Brain Food sessions with Joshua Berrett treat Spark! Members to a specific topic one Sunday per month. January’s session is on the 23rd, on the Work of Stephen Sondheim.

Video: Joshua Berrett describes the Creative Sparks topic scheduled for January 23, 2022.

Become a Spark! Member and join us for a lively discussion on January 23rd!

The Ageless Mind project depends on support like yours to offer this and other programs for body and brain well-being. There are several ways you can support our initiatives!