red star ornament on pine branches
Any Season is a Season for Stars
Nebula and stars over lake and mountain peak.

One of the ways to engage your mind is to let your imagination run wild.  Let it expand, cross physical emotional, and mental boundaries so that it leaps out into the galaxy and joins the stars in their never-ending dance of light.  This dance of light, for some artists or composers, becomes the melodies that each star sings as it moves through its orbit on a galactic scale. 

Ageless Mind Project supports many kinds of imaginative leaps in both intellect and artistry, since both help to keep your mind healthy.  One of our daughter organizations, called Virtual Whole Brain Health, has a presence in a virtual world where scientists, artists, educators, academics and others meet from around the world to share ideas about their fields.

Read more about Virtual Whole Brain Health and our work inside virtual worlds at our Virtual Inspiration Island location. It is one of our programs that has been in place for more than a decade!

text from web page and starry banner with the Hypothesis name

The Science Circle is one such group that meets inside a virtual world regularly to share ideas.  The article, “Music and the Stars,” came out of one of many presentations given in that group. It is a delightful and intriguing  summary of the link between Gustav Holst’s The Planets and musica universalis, also called music of the spheres.  Distances between planets might be represented by mathematical ratios and illustrated on musical scores in the melodies of Holst’s composition.

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