Senior Couple dancing to music

Go ahead, indulge in that music!

A new research study at the University of Toronto brings mind-health initiatives some exciting news!

Remember then… that song… when you sang, or danced? The song you still love listening to (sometimes over and over) because it makes you feel so…. good?

Well – now there’s research to back up what you already knew. Music you love is good for you!

Don’t you just love those musical memories?

What the study actually says:

“We have new brain-based evidence that autobiographically salient music – that is, music that holds special meaning for a person, like the song they danced to at their wedding – stimulates neural connectivity in ways that help maintain higher levels of functioning,”

This from Michael Thaut, senior author of the study, director of U of T’s Music and Health Science Research Collaboratory and a professor in both the Faculty of Music and Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

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Music becomes a truly powerful brain food when you listen with heightened awareness.

~Joshua Berrett, Ph.D.

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