About Virtual AMP

The virtual arm of the Ageless Mind Project (AMP) grew out of founder Lynne’s fascination with holistic health – how designing programs that nourish the bodies, minds, and spirits of people 50 years and older might enhance and even improve their cognitive functioning and overall wellbeing.

Lynne was particularly intrigued by the potential inherent in virtual worlds. “How might being an avatar encourage learning, enhance and expand self-expression, and help build communities of interest?” she wondered. The biggest challenge, she knew, was not the programs she could make available but finding ways to create customized plans that individuals would stick to. “Knowing what to do is not the problem,” Lynne says. “It’s finding ways to motivate people so that they will stick with the programs we create with them.” 

Virtual AMP has been in existence for more than ten years now.  During that time, Lynne and her team have not only created and field-tested a wide range of activities and programs but built a global community of individuals, organizations, and educational institutions devoted to exploring how Ageless Minds can be cultivated in people around the world.

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