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Creative Sparks is the place to find all kinds of engaging, entertaining, and challenging courses and activities designed to pique your curiosity, stimulate your creativity, and help you build a personalized approach to building an ageless mind.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about our courses and instructors, or click on “One-on-One” in the menu above to schedule an individual session with Lynne or Josh Berrett.

I. Music is Brain Food with Josh Berrett
Music is Brain Food programs are designed to strengthen your brain health through music. Music becomes a truly powerful brain food when you listen with heightened awareness. As you develop a richer understanding of its underlying artistry, you are giving your brain cognitive nourishment as well as visceral pleasure. 

II. Your Calming Voice with Dauna Kiser

III. The Avatar in Us All with Jena Ball
Learn the skills you need to access and write compelling stories about your memories. 

IV.  New Frontiers in Wellbeing with Lynne Berrett

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