AMP in OpenSim


Welcome to Virtual Learning Village, the Opensim arm of “The Ageless Mind Project.” As a member of the Ageless Mind Project, we subscribe to and offer 3D experiences and events based on the 5 Pillars Of Brain Health And Wellbeing:

1. Practice Self-care: Healthy diet, sufficient physical movement, restful sleep, medication management, memory strengthening, and stress reduction.

2. Discover a Sense of Purpose: Members are encouraged to find a sense of purpose and meaning in what they do in VLV.

3. Creative Self-expression: Members are shown ways to express themselves creatively to increase their overall satisfaction with life.

4. Cognitive Stimulation: Through creative expression, exploration, and opportunities to engage with others, members receive the cognitive stimulation needed to keep their minds active and engaged.

5. Positive Social Engagement: Having many opportunities for positive social interactions with family, friends, and new people from around the world.

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